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china & tibet Tours with Dao of Well Being     About Dao of Well Being Tours 

Our itineraries are planned with attention to EVERY detail, including the time, space and freedom to REALLY experience some of the most spectacular sites in the world at a deep and meaningful level.

We LISTEN to what you want and and discuss details of the trip with you, before you register, so you sure you are signing up for the trip that is just right for you.

We personally lead each tour; ensuring personalized care and a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

Our tour groups are intentionally limited in size to optimize the best group dynamics and experience for our tour members. Our tours are decidedly unlimited in scope.

We have worked closely with our friends and colleagues in China and Tibet for over 12 years. Many of our guides are just like family. Together we ensure that every part of our journey and your experience unfolds seamlessly.

● Our years of experience leading trips to China and a over a decade spent  compiling international resources enable us to provide you with the exceptional quality of program, itinerary, study, accommodations and fine cuisine that we wished for in our earlier experiences of China.

An exceptional Qigong and Tai Chi program is a feature of our trips. We include early morning Qigong and Tai Chi and also offer a program of stress reduction, the Daoist Healing Arts and subtle energy cultivation. This program is included in the tour. Of course, participation is entirely optional.  


Tour Leaders

Rebecca Kali
  Mark Johnson

    KaliRebecca Kali is internationally recognized as an inspiring and passionate teacher and subtle energy healer. She is also the founding director of Qigong Alliance International, a global community with members from over 50 countries. www.QiCentral.org, founder and CEO of Dao of Well Being and former Executive Director of the National Qigong Association.

She has practiced meditation and energy-work since she was a teen-ager. Her practice of Qigong, which began as a means of recovery after an auto accident, has led to the development of a Qigong program to help those with chronic pain and autoimmune disorders to regain a symptom free, active, lifestyle and exuberant energy. Her motto is “No one should be in pain!”

Rebecca has studied Qigong in hospitals in Beijing and Daoist philosophy and meditation techniques in monasteries and temples throughout China. She teaches Chinese Soaring Crane and many other styles of Qigong, Meditation, and Daoist Inner Alchemy. Rebecca is certified as a Medical Qigong and Taoist Qigong Instructor. (World Academic Society of Medical Qigong - Beijing - 2000 - Qigong Empowerment Association - USA - 1999).

Rebecca is also the former Editor-in-chief and Associate Editor and Cover Designer for Yang-Sheng (Nurturing Life) E-magazine. www.Yang-Sheng.com

Rebecca and her husband live in northeastern Minnesota near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. husband.

click here to send an e-mail to Rebecca

Phone: 218-365-6330 or 1-800-341-8895
Website: http://www.dao-of-well-being.com
Website: http://www.qigong-alliance.org
Website: http://www.qigongchinatrip.com
Rebecca can be reached at:
PO Box 750
Ely, MN 55731

Rebecca Kali
Rebecca on HuaShan
Rebecca on Hua Shan
Kali cave on Huashan
Rebecca meditating in a Daoist
hermit's cave on Hua Shan

Kali yak
Rebecca riding a Yak in Tibet
  Mark Johnson    Mark Johnson, well known Qigong (Chi Kung) healer and Tai Chi instructor, started his Chinese studies in 1970 when he joined the I Ching scholar, Khigh Dhiegh at the Taoist Sanctuary in Los Angeles. During his 4 year stay at the Sanctuary, he studied the I Ching, Taoism, Feng Shui, Yang style Tai Ji Chuan and the Chinese language.

In 1974 Mark relocated to Taiwan to study acupuncture. While in residence there, he studied with several famous Taoist Masters. After a year in Taiwan, Mark returned to Malibu, CA where he continued his Taoist training for 8 more years. During that time, he learned 3 Taoist styles of Qigong/Tai Chi, and the 8 Treasures. He also studied advanced I Ching, Feng Shui, and enhanced his natural healing abilities.

In 1982, Mark taught Tai Chi to Francis Ford Coppola and the cast and crew of the movie "The Outsiders" .While with them, his Qigong healing abilities were recognized so he was asked to return to do healing for the cast and crew of  "Rumble Fish". Mark's students included: Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Patrick Swayze, Ralph Macchio, Mickey Rourke, and many others.

Since 1983, Mark has founded Integral Tao Centers in Tulsa, OK, Taos, New Mexico, New York, Vancouver, Canada and in Cuba. He now resides and teaches in the Sonoma, CA area. He has been teaching throughout North America for nearly 35 years in a variety of formats: private sessions, on-going community classes, weekend and week long seminars and workshops. He is a certified Tai Chi tournament judge and has worked over 50 tournaments in the past 13 years. He has produced three video's: "Tai Chi for Healing", "Tai Chi for Women" and "Tai Chi for Seniors" which is the highest selling Tai Chi video in the country. (over 800,000 so far!)

Mark is the author of the book, Life as Play. The Kindle version is available from Amazon

He is one of the founders of the National Qigong Association. He is the proud father of his daughter Sita. In his "spare time" he is a pilot and amateur astronomer.

Mark can be reached at:
801 Tupper St.  Suite 1111
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
click here to send an e-mail to Mark

Web page: www.chi-kung.com
Web page: www.taichiforseniorsvideo.com
Web page: www.lifeisdivineplay.com

Mark teaching calligraphy

Mark on Wudang Shan

Click here to read the story of:
A Modern Daoist Pilgrimage Rebecca and Mark's journey to almost every major Daoist Temple and Sacred Mountain in China. They were searching for teachers who had the expertise and willingness to give in-depth training to Americans. They also went with the intention to arrange future Daoist educational tours and to establish a meaningful dialog between Daoist in China and those in America. They fulfilled that mission far beyond their expectations.....

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Highlights of the China & Tibet Dream Tour
September, 2019
and registration information



Dao of Well Being Tours
PO Box 750
Ely, Minnesota 55731  USA

Call:  800-341-8895  or 218-365-6330

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