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Journey to Shangri-La
China Dream Tour
April 9 - 25, 2015

This tour is the sort of trip we dreamed of going on before we started leading small groups to these amazing locations. It may be the trip you have been dreaming of too.  Travel with us to explore spectacular scenery & experience sacred spaces; Learn ancient wisdom & become immersed in traditional cultures.
     We invite you to join us on our next Journey to Shangri-La!

Join us for the journey of a lifetime...a life changing journey!  

Journey to Shangri-La, April 9 to 25, 2015
Shangri-La – Lijiang – Qingchenshan - Chengdu
And many UNESCO World Heritage Sites including
Lijiang Old Town in Yunnan & Panda Sanctuary in Sichuan Province

Shangri-La, from the novel, Lost Horizon, is a land of mystery and beauty, an earthly paradise where time stands still and ageless good health is a natural part of life. Discovering Shangri-La has also become a metaphor for making a journey of discovery to find what is authentic and of real value for you.

Our tours are life expanding journeys that will broaden your
experience of the world at the depth YOU are seeking!

We give personal attention to EVERY detail;
including the time and space for you to REALLY experience some of the
most extraordinary sites in the world at a deep and meaningful level.

A friendly relaxed atmosphere, comfortable accommodations,
extraordinary cuisine and personalized care are hallmarks of our tours.

We also offer an exceptional (optional) program for stress reduction
and living younger, longer which includes Qigong, Tai Chi and Daoist Healing Arts.

Our tours are rich, fulfilling and safe.  

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Highlights of the Journey to Shangri-la
Tour April 9 - 25,  2015
and registration information

To contact us:
Call: 800-341-8895, or 218-365-6330
Send us an e-mail:E-MAIL
To find out more about this tour or to register.

Comments from Previous Tour Members:

“Dynamic. Expansive and enlarging. A learning experience.
It opened my mind and my heart. I especially enjoyed the meditation with the monks
and the opera in
Chengdu. I loved visiting the Tibetan family in their home.
Learned much about
and it’s influence in the world.
I appreciate both Rebecca and Mark for your energy and your devotion”
  B. Molle

“Incredible! An experience that I will remember all my life! 
The trip went far beyond what I expected!
The places we visited were a dream come true...
the level of the personalized TaiJi and Qigong were worth the price of the trip alone
...adding in the delicious meals that Rebecca personally ordered.
I recommend this trip to anyone who wants a  memorable journey
...one that goes  far beyond any ordinary tour.! "  R. Whitehall
Member of American Society of Travel Agents
the world's largest association of travel professionals


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Dao of Well Being Tours
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Ely, Minnesota 55731  USA

Call:  800-341-8895  or 218-365-6330

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