Choudon Orphanage

Lhasa, Tibet

         The Choudan Orphanage in Lhasa, Tibet supplies all of the food, heat, shelter, clothing as well as tuition for schooling for 64 children ranging in age from 4 years old to 18. Many of the children have never had any other family.

      This orphanage operates solely on Non-Governmental funding. The monthly financial requirement of $700.00 for all of the 64 children is by USA standards astonishingly meager. Considering that the yearly average income in Tibet is 4,270 yuan or U$ 610/person, the $700.00 is an extraordinary sum for them to find each month.

      The  Qigong Alliance International has opened a special trust fund that this orphanage can access as needed. Money donated to this orphanage is sent directly to this account.

       If you wish to join us in helping these children please consider making a donation. Think about an easy "no forget" automatic monthly withdrawal or maybe you feel that a single lump sum donation is right for you.

       Please visit our fiduciary representative’s special website to set up your donation.

To make a donation call us at 218-365-6330

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